Baby Photography

At KlaraPix Photography & Design, we offer styled baby photoshoots so you can capture those delicate moments of your little one.? Our options include new-born, baby and toddler sessions. We also have wall art, photobooks and print options available.?

New-born session

This session focuses on natural baby shots with our professional guidance throughout the shoot. We can do alternative shots to include mum, dad and siblings if desired.? A popular choice is an in-home styled session, or photographing the first two days of your baby?s life in the hospital or birth centre.

Be sure to book well in advance, as our baby photography sessions have limited availability.

Baby and toddler session

Forever treasure those moments of your baby, because before you know it ? they?ll be all grown up!?? Capture those cute giggle and unique facial expressions where you can re-live those seconds through photographs.

As a mum myself, I can empathise in what it takes to relax a child and get those cheeky smiles. Even the most challenging kiddos and the restless moving ones can be photographed.? We make it a priority that you and your little one is comfortable throughout the process, so it?s an enjoyable experience for all.

We offer both Studio and Outdoor sessions.

Optional Baby Prints:?

We offer luxurious wall art, prints and photobooks which can be purchased separately. Feel free to ask us any questions regarding these add-ons.?

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